By Barrel Organ


Barrel Organ

Supported by Arts Council England, New Diorama Theatre and Underbelly

“A brilliant theatrical brainteaser”
Fest Magazine

NDT & Underbelly Untapped Award 2019

“A haunting picture of a world whose future is void of truth”
The Upcoming

Princess Diana never landed on the moon.

Elvis Presley lives in Area 51.

JFK did 9/11.

Three people sit in a room. The context of their meeting is unclear, but they are examining an infamous photograph and something’s not right.

They are conspiracy theorists and they think they’re onto something big; but each discovery leads to the next inconsistency, the next inconvenient untruth, until their whole perception of the world, of each other, of themselves, of the very concept of truth, becomes the object of their mistrust.

Project History

CONSPIRACY was selected as one of the three Untapped Award winners in 2019 by New Diorama Theatre and Underbelly. After an extensive R&D period researching the deep holes of internet conspiracy theories, the show premiered at Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 to sell out audiences. Shortly after, CONSPIRACY transferred to New Diorama Theatre in London for three weeks.

Creative Team & Cast

Writer Jack Perkins
Director Dan Hutton
Designer Rosie Elnile
Sound Designer Kieran Lucas
Lighting Designer Joshua Pharo
Stage Manager Rachel Pryce
Producer Ellie Claughton
Assistant Producer Grace Dickson
PR Borowski

Cast Azan Ahmed, Shannon Hayes & Rose Wardlaw

Photography The Other Richard