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Freight Theatre

Supported by Arts Council England, Slunglow, artsdepot, Camden People’s Theatre

Fringe Biscuit

‘Intriguing and inventive’
The Stage

Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe

Recipient of TORCH and Minderoo Foundation AI Project Award

Shortlisted for the Untapped Award 2022

The Recs

The Observer

A deep-dive into the data-sphere, a journey to the dark heart of the internet.
Someone discovered a secret hidden in every bit and byte of our data.
Then, they disappeared.

Move Fast and Break Things is a miniature epic that explores the vastness of the data we leave behind through an intimate search for the person most responsible for how the internet works today, using movement, projection and soundscapes.

Amit Patel was a data scientist at a company called Google.

In 2002 he noticed something secret, hidden in all of our data. What did he discover, and was it the reason he disappeared?

The search for someone takes place across worlds – real and online – and as the boundaries between the two begin to collapse, we race towards an impossible, tragic conclusion.

Project History

Freight Theatre secured residencies at Slunglow and artsdepot in 2021, allowing them to develop the production with the support of TORCH and the Minderoo Foundation. The show premiered as a digital production to critical acclaim.

In Spring 2022, Move Fast and Break Things premiered in its live format at Camden People’s Theatre, to further positive responses, following an Arts Council-funded R&D period. It then enjoyed a successful run at Summerhall during Edinburgh Fringe 2022.

We are now actively seeking production opportunities for Move Fast and Break Things. To request the sharing pack and/or video, please email producer Grace Dickson.

Creative Team & Cast

Co-Director/Writer Alex Rugman
Co-Director Luke Wintour
Designer Sascha Gilmour
Sound Designer Sarah Spencer
Lighting Designer Jonathan Chan
Video Designer Dan Light
Movement Director Stephanie Burrell
Engagement Producer Adam Goodbody
Production Manager Jake Morry
Producer Grace Dickson
Assistant Producer Molisha Nyarku Williams
Assistant Producer to Grace Dickson Rory Thomas-Howes
Academic Consultant Nayana Prakash
PR Tobin & Miles

Cast AK Golding and Julia Pilkington

Credit: Freight Theatre

Photography Gavin Smart